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“Size does matter.”  The essential difference between an upright and a grand, apart from the external grandeur, lies in the soundboard. The horizontally positioned soundboard is more responsive when the action works with gravity.

However, a top-notch upright piano can be a better choice than a classy grand piano. And this is precisely what Yangtze River Upright Pianos has to offer, taking careful consideration of space and affordability of students.

All Yangtze River upright pianos are manufactured in the same factory which produces its grand pianos, using the same patented German materials, traditional European techniques and undergoing the same stringent quality control. The only difference is in the size, length of strings and vertically positioned soundboard.

The unceasing effort to produce the best uprights, Yangtze River upright pianos are amongst the first to introduce the plastic pedal cover and a more refined soft cover action to satisfy the demands of younger piano users and students alike.

Yangtze River piano was selected to be one of the appointed pianos used for The XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition since 2019 and Tchaikovsky Competition Special – TCH Series was born then.


Depth: 589 mm; Width: 1503 mm; Height: 1202 mm
Specification: 120
Weight: Approximately 222kg
Color: Black
Executive Standard: GB/T 10159


Depth: 627 mm; Width: 1465 mm; Height: 1282 mm
Specification: 123
Weight: Approximately 254kg
Color: Black
Executive Standard: GB/T 10159