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Also known as “The Flagship”, this is the largest concert grand piano in the world, designed to reign supreme on the world’s largest stages. The Flagship is ideal for concerto performance with orchestra as well as solo performances and is a permanent fixture of the world’s premiere concert halls and theatres. The powerful resonance it produces is able to fill the space with crystalline sound and to support the creative vision of the pianist.

Shrouded in a hi-gloss polyester finish, the black lacquer commands attention while remaining a timeless classic.The understated elegance of simple architectural lines comes alive with the light reflections sparking along the blackness of the regal surface.

The fourth pedal is invented by Mr Paolo Fazioli, and allows the piano to reduce volume without the change of timbre and colour that normally occurs with the use of the soft pedal. In order to reinforce and achieve maximum sound projection, small crosspieces known as ribs, which are made of red spruce like the soundboard are attached perpendicularly to the grain. One can find 18 of these supporting ribs attached to the underside of the soundboard.

In short, Fazioli F308 is at complete ease to take on the largest concert venues and will ensure the excellence of the performance experience.

(Dimensions: 308cm x 158cm x 100cm)


The standard concert grand size and the second largest in the family. It comes with magnificent transmitting power, extensive dynamic range and harmonic richness. Build for large concert halls, it is also perfect for large churches and other substantial performance venues.

Bridges are made of thin strips of maple wood and mahogany glued together. The top of the bridge is laminated using woods with different qualities and increasing hardness proportionate to the frequency of the strings: maple is the wood of preference for the base and the centre areas, hornbeam for the treble and boxwood for the high treble.

(Dimensions: 278cm x 157cm x 100cm)


A smaller version of F278, which retains all the power and agility and embraces similar dynamic and mechanical characteristics.

Not only is it perfect for chamber music performance and medium size venues, the F228 will fit into the modern upscale lifestyle seamlessly by delivering a superior quality of sound and adding a touch of sparkle and class into your home.

(Dimensions: 228cm x 155cm x 100cm)


The classic size medium grand for chamber music performances and professional studio setting. Created to match the current trend of intimate, less formal performance venues and private soirees in residential houses, its versatility accommodates for different types of music making while the size of the piano allows it to be easily moved.

The proportions of this model make is an extremely versatile choice for anyone who would like to incorporate a grand piano into the interior without having the instrument dominate the space.

(Dimensions: 212cm x 153cm x 98cm)


The second smallest baby grand in the collection, the size is a choice but never a compromise. Its versatility in sound production is created to suit the entire piano repertoire, and has a lot to offer to a piano lover and professional alike. The perfect practice instrument, it produces the full range of dynamic opulence of our larger models while remaining conveniently petite, and accommodates the ‘neighbor’ issue most apartment dwellers are all too familiar with. Close the lid entirely and the sound output is reduced drastically while preserving the pleasure of the superiors Fazioli action and color of the sound.

Whether for a professional musician or piano aficionado, F183 represents the top priorities of any piano owner: superior action and sound quality, convenient size and timeless elegance of a stately grand piano.

(Dimensions: 183cm x 152cm x 98cm)


The smallest of the collection, this piece of creation makes sure that every home of any size can reveal its poetic heart with the sound of music by a Fazioli Piano. The light and sensitive action, resonant sound and beautiful tone are the attribute of this beautiful and space conscious instrument.

Perfect for an apartment or a small rehearsal studio, the F156 will also be ideal for schools and venues that require a repositioning of the piano frequently. Triple height option for the lid opening allows for extra flexibility, adjusting the volume and overtones of the piano depending on the desired effect.

The smallest baby grand piano will definitely not disappoint!

(Dimensions: 156cm x 149cm x 98cm)