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M. Liminal Aria

The summit of innovation and piano engineering supreme.

The birth of Aria is the indisputable evident of evolution in piano craftsmanship. The elegance and simple angularity of its key features and shapes is the synthesis of mid-century concept and ground-breaking modernism.

The massive chrome pedestal has inverted inlay triangles on every side and also conceals pedal mechanism – thus unifying and simplifying the overall visual statement. The lid is held by a chrome stick and the ebony music stand is one with the piano creating unity of purpose and simplicity of a design statement. The squared off tail and side of the top of the piano create almost a triangle once the lid is open – just like a sail of a boat outlined against the sun. The grand proportions of the length to the height of the piano create an illusion of ‘sailing’ over the air – with the chrome details serving both as a light reflectors and the texture counterpoint to the sleek ebony of the upper body of the piano.

A truly magnificent creation, the Aria provides unforgettable vision alongside music produced by the performer.

Marco Polo

The embodiment of imagination, art, culture and history.

The base of Fazioli Marco Polo is based on the flagship concert grand F308. Born of celebrating the historic connection between Venice and China the hand-painted reproduction of Canaletto’s masterpiece represents the former while the bright red high-gloss varnish of the case represents the latter. The Epic proportions of the lid of F308 accommodate the floating gondolas as well as piazza San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale. The rest of Marco Polo’s case is custom-blended saturated red in high-gloss polyester finish.

This model features and additional, fourth pedal, which allows the pianist to reduce volume without modifying the timbre. This is an original invention of Paolo Fazioli.


The ultimate synergy of East and West beauty

Tamo burl was once reserved only for Japanese royalties, an Asian culture whose appreciation for its nature’s fragile beauty is legendary. This creation is inspired and based on the same “credo” Tamo and Fazioli share – slow-grown and meticulously cultivated to achieve perfection.

The architectural minimalism of Fazioli Tamo allows its precious exotic wood veneer to take center stage and make it’s own kind of music. The intricate lacy pattern of Tamo will reflect light in infinite variety revealing the depth of chocolate brown beneath it’s ashen veil. Fazioli Tamo veneer is as thin as a blade of the samurai sword. Ultra-modern chrome frame and metal hardware play off the ashen-chocolate of Tamo giving it an air of elegant minimalism with high-tech heart.

The rubber tires on the wheels not only conceal the gleam of metal for a more uniform and minimal appearance but also provide an ease of movement of the Fazioli piano and protection to the surface it is on.


The caseworks of our standard models can be beautifully decorated with exquisite woods such as Amboina burr, a rare and precious material, which originates from Indonesia.


The model F228 is fully realized in Macassar Ebony, a dark wood endowed with typical amber streaks to enhance and redefine the instrument’s exceptional elegance and simplicity.


A variation of model F212, the Malachite is embellished with semi-precious stone Malachite, also know as “Mother of Pearl”, to give birth to a complex design featuring arabesques. This is accompanied by fine inlays of natural and colored exotic woods.


The model F156 is re-created with two very different briers such as myrtle brier and red elm brier, wood and mother of pearls inlays repeated to offer elegance visual impact in an intimate soiree setting.