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“Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself” – Wilhelm Grotrian


Wilhelm Grotrian, born on August 16, 1843 in Moscow, was the first son of Friedrich Grotrian, the founder of the Grotrian family’s piano building tradition. Seeing that his father had been a wise and long-sighted investor in the company, who had bestowed the functional responsibility to his companion, during the course of the decades to follow, Wilhelm Grotrian paved the way for Grotrian to become one of the top piano manufacturers in the world.

He showed a lively affinity for music and was able to combine his practical piano building skills with his commercial ability, thereby becoming a single embodiment offering both. Due to the fact that he possessed commercial ethos, modesty, personal creative power, as well as an absolute level of great reliability made it possible for Grotrian to continue to maintain the trust of his employees in addition to gaining the trust of a steady growing clientele in Germany and abroad. 


innovation & excellence

In this way, he succeeded in securing a permanent place among European pianoforte building companies with his fine-sounding and elegant-looking Grotrian instruments.

Thanks to his great willingness to innovate, Wilhelm Grotrian was able to sell absolutely high-quality pianos and grand pianos. Making a piano that inspires not only its audience, but its player as well, is a matter of know-how, experience, and precision. Our instruments are engendered by the idea of excellence and the commitment to obtaining the highest quality.

For more than 180 years, this tradition has been maintained and nurtured and, like the pianos themselves, bequeathed and inherited from generation to generation. 


Named after Wilhelm Grotrian, representative of the second generation of the German Piano Brand, Grotrian. 

We offer the highest quality pianos in their price range. To achieve this high standard we only use the best raw materials from the most prestigious suppliers from all over the world. During the production process, we combine high-tech production methods with experienced craftsmanship.

    WILHELM GROTRIAN. Convince in sound, touch, performance and expressiveness.