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Yangtze River Grand Series

Concert Grand

The CGF is the flagship and crown jewel of all Yangtze River Productions. Its grandeur in appearance and sound produced has secured a permanent seat in major international competitions and the most important ceremonies and events in China.

Model: CGF-X1

Royale Collection

The Royale Series is the next of kin in the Yangtze River Grand Piano family. Created to accommodate smaller concert venues yet preserving all the characteristics and remarkable features of the flagship model, the Royale Series is a popular choice amongst music conservatories, professional musicians and diploma level students.

Models: CR-B212 | CR-A188

Classic V Series

The Classic Series is the perfect choice when it comes to size and sound for classroom or home settings, and provides only the best requirements one could ask for to cater to personal practise or exam training needs.

Models: V-88LE | V-66 | V-53 | V-48

YG Series

The newest collection created in 2016, YG Series is the improved and refined version of the Classic series, and offers more versatility in tone colour at an affordable price range for students.

Models: YG-66 | YG-53 | YG-48

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