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Research and development at Grotrian has resulted in several patents.
Grotrian for example was the first piano manufacturer to construct an instrument using an iron frame connected only at the back frame which enables free vibration of the inner system and produces the unique tone of the Grotrian. This technique is still used in the current uprights.
Further developments are the homogeneous soundboard with accurately balanced timber and a string scale that allows the hammer to strike each string at the optimal spot, and let’s not forget the patented star-shaped back-frame.

Wilhelm Grotrian Studio Series

WGS Series has a stable body and offers comfortable touch and beautiful sound. Suitable for different types of music expressions, it helps you get better and better in performance. Its craftsmanship and design have passed the tests for over a century and have always helped to move one step closer towards endless achievements.

Dimensions: 116 x 147 x 59 cm

Weight: 218 kg

Model: WGS-116

Wilhelm Grotrian Series

WG Series is considered the masterpiece among the upright piano models. It offers stability and durability for a smooth touch as taught in the textbook. Its classical aesthetic design and mature texture create a higher adaptability and a wider application for all kinds of occasions, to help you achieve a remarkable life.

Dimensions: 132 x 154 x 69 cm

Weight: 262 kg

Model: WG-32