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Perfect Interaction
The ‘GROTRIAN Duo’ grand allows two pianists to play on ‘one’ piano.
A bridge connects the two grand’s in that way that they sound like one rather than two pianos. 
Both grands can be separated from each other and played individually. To achieve this the double lid has to be removed and each piano has its own single lid.

Wilhelm Grotrian Studio Series

With a professional core configuration, an elegant appearance and a compact size, the WGS-152 is suitable for more occasions in terms of space. The WGS-152 is your better choice, whether it is used for a sophisticated and elegant gathering or an immersive small concert.

Dimensions: 152 x 148 x 101 cm

Weight: 310 kg

Model: WGS-152

Wilhelm Grotrian Series

The WG-170 records the notes of history and maintains the original elegance. It is made of ingeniously selected materials with elegant design, allows you to enjoy the European classical atmosphere and bringing your dream back to the ancient Middle Ages to reproduce the passion of classic humanities and art.

Dimensions: 170 x 147 x 102 cm

Weight: 315 kg

Model: WG-170