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Music Salon Emmanuel

State-of-the-art facilities

Our working studios provides the best pianos from both West and East, with high ceiling and large space to appreciate best sound production.

Convincing ingenuity & highest acuity

Instead of concentrating solely on examination results, we focus on the ability to conceive artistry and engage audience.

Unmatched attention & selectivity

Unlike the usual 1:1 teacher-student ratio, every student is promised full personalised attention from the whole team, from assessment, regular training to a full consulting package, which is reviewed quarterly to meet the needs of each individual.

Coherent solutions

We understand that choices are difficult to make, especially in the 21st century. Leave the researching and tedious groundwork to our team and concentrate on enhancing your music skills.

The synergy of a group of highly committed and versatile musician-individuals, Music Salon Emmanuel is the first of its kind in the region to integrate all aspects of music making.

Our team sets out to achieve the strong belief in the importance of well-planned and all-rounded music education much sought after by parents, students and music lovers, to cultivate a true understanding of music making, and to help people from all walks of life to fully experience and enjoy the joy of music.

In order to recreate the music making environment and perspectives for musicians, we aim to further develop music culture incessantly by providing an unparalleled array of reliable and quality services, consultations, customised educational programmes and even trainings from some of the world’s most renowned musicians.

Last but not least, we scout talents and support them through various means on a long-term relationship. Overseas exposures, public performances at acclaimed concert venues, funds and scholarships are some of the perks and highlights we offer.

View our programmes below.

Individual Programmes

For Individuals & Students

Talents Project

Age 7 to 18

For exceptionally gifted young talents via auditions. This project offers regular training with our Artistic Director and tutoring from some of the world’s leading pedagogues and musicians. It provides not only excellent playing abilities, unique opportunities to perform in leading halls and participation to international festivals and competitions, and also explore the different options and opportunities to embark on a musical career.

Accelerated Scheme

Age 7 and above

Specially designed to help students prepare for exams, competitions or entry to music faculties in a short period. The length of the scheme is based on the level of the student during the audition, normally between 3–6 months in duration and comes with a progress review from the tutor on a monthly basis. Theory and Ear Training/Aural available.

Young Stars

Age 12 and below

For parents who have musically-inclined children and wishes to have more exposure instead of only taking external music exams.

Ensemble Workshops

Age 12 to 25

An introduction to playing professionally in an ensemble atmosphere, suitable for those who wishes to understand more about playing with other instrumentalists and/or vocalists.

Foundation Course

Age 12 and below

For parents who wish for their children to have a strong technical foundation and well-rounded musical knowledge without the need to take up last minute crash courses when preparing for exams, competitions, or any other reasons. A strong foundation and good basics is easier to achieve at a younger age. If your child has been learning for a short while and stuck in a rut, and you wish to find out more possibilities and options, apply for our foundation course to explore different methods.

Master Classes

For Professional Amateur Pianists – Age 21 and above

Ad hoc master classes for working adults and amateurs who wish to brush up their playing skills with no strings attached.


For Music Lovers & Teachers in Group Settings


No age limits

A special interactive session, catered for everyone from students, teachers, to parents and music lovers, those who wishes to enhance their musical understanding beyond the notes. Topics ranges from understanding the piano, to composers, different genres and styles.

By creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for audience of the same level and age range, the classes will maximise interaction amongst each other and the joy of music learning/making.


For professional teachers and musicians

Created for teachers to get together and share their problems, exchange views and discuss options and solutions.

Sharing Session is specially tailored on specific themes and topics via application.

“Thou art our Father, We are thy Children”

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